1 in 4 Adults Would Choose To Share A Bed With Their Dog Over Their Partner

You love your significant other, but let’s be honest here. When it comes to sharing a bed with your better half, there might be a few disturbances you have to put up with like, loud snoring, aggressive tossing and turning, and or frequent middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. As a result, we found that around 1 in 4 U.S. adult dog owners would prefer to sleep with their pup than their human! 

Key points:

  • 24% of survey participants would rather sleep with their dog than their domestic partner. 
  • Snoring was the most popular complaint as to why participants chose their dog over their S.O.
  • Generation X is the age group who was most likely to say they’d rather sleep with their dog.
  • Pet and owner bonding was cited the most as the primary benefit of sleeping with your dog. 

What Makes Dogs Easier To Sleep With?

In a Slumber Yard study conducted by YouGov on Aug. 2-4, 2021, 24% of the 2,383 participants we surveyed revealed that they would rather sleep next to their dog than their partner. The most cited reason, as you might be able to guess, was snoring (32%), followed by lack of space with their partner (29%), movement (29%), sheet-stealing (22%), temperature (16%) and finally, sleep talking (14%). Your doggo might let a few rip during the middle of the night, but at least you don’t have to deal with them being a rowdy blanket hog. 

Reasons for preferring to sleep with a dog over a partner:

Base: U.S. adults who have dogs and a partner/significant other and who prefer sleeping with their dog(s) (N=209)

Who is Sleeping with Their Dog?

Interestingly enough, dog owners in Generation X between the ages of 41-56 were the most likely to choose their pooch over their person. However, when it comes down to gender and who was more likely to choose their pup, it was evenly split down the middle between men and women. 

Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Pup 

Of the owners who said they share a bed with their doggo, 60% claimed to do so once a week, while 40% said sleeping with their pooch was a nightly occurrence. The “sleeping with your dog” debate has long been a hot topic among dog Moms and Dads, but wherever you fall on that spectrum, there are undeniable benefits to sharing a mattress with your furry friends. 

The main reason is to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Almost half (47%) of participants cited this as the primary reason they let their dog share their bed with them. Safety was also one of the main reasons, especially for women who were more likely to cite it than men (37% vs. 27%). 

Below is a breakdown of the remaining answers gathered from participants. 

Sleep Tips For Sleeping With Your Pooch

Even though your dog won’t be talking in their sleep or pulling the blankets out from under you, there are a few things that might keep you from getting your full night’s rest when you share a bed with them. So, here are a few tips you can use to maximize the quality of your (and your pup’s) sleep. 

  1. Take your dog out to use the restroom before you head to bed. They’ll feel more comfortable during the night, sleep more soundly, and you won’t be woken up for a pee break. 
  2. Situate your pet above the covers near the bottom of the mattress. That way, you each have your own sleeping space, and your sheets stay clean and hygienic. 
  3. Buy a mattress protector to keep your mattress clean of pet dander, dirt, or any accidents from your pup. 
  4. Walk your dog regularly, so they feel worn out and tired when bedtime comes around. This minimizes the risk of a restless, moving pup in the middle of the night. 
  5. Stay on top of your dog’s medications to prevent fleas, ticks, or heartworms from invading your sleeping space. 

About My Slumber Dog 

During the month of October, which happens to be National Adopt a Dog Month and National Pet Wellness Month, we’re focused on educating our readers on dogs and sleep! Our goal is to bring attention to the importance of sleep for your pup, as well as the unfortunate truth behind sleep quality for shelter dogs. Not only will we be publishing educational content, but we’ll also be donating proceeds from our campaign to two animal shelters dedicated to improving the lives and sleeping habits of doggos in need. For anyone who wants to join in on the fun, post a picture of your dog to your social media account with the hashtag #SlumberDog for a chance to win them a brand new doggie bed! 

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