How to Put on a Duvet Cover Easily by Yourself

Have you ever made the mistake of just shoving your comforter back into your duvet cover? I bet you wrestled with that thing for awhile, never getting it to look like it did before. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got a couple cheats for you to make the process a whole lot simpler and faster.

Why Use A Duvet Cover?

You might be asking, why bother with a duvet cover in the first place if they can pose such a hassle? Well, first things first, a duvet cover is an additional fabric slip that protects the duvet. It’s not meant to provide warmth, but can come in lots of fun different colors and patterns to switch up the look of your bed. They also usually have closures to them like buttons, zippers, or ties in the inside of the corners that connect to your duvet.

The bedding we had on hand had a snap closure.

Duvets and comforters can be expensive (think goose down blankets that feel like they belong in the Plaza Hotel in New York), and difficult to clean. They usually require dry cleaning, which can be costly, or they might take a few days to dry out at home. Duvet covers are useful because they can protect your duvet, keeping it clean and scratch free from whatever you may be allowing into your bed (children, pets, mimosas, etc.). They can also be easily removed and are purposely easy to wash, but not so easy to put back on unless you read our methods.

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How To Put On A Duvet Cover Step By Step

The Traditional Method

  1. Lay your comforter (or duvet) on top of your bed. Make sure it’s laid flat and smooth.
  2. Take your duvet cover and flip it inside out. Reach inside and find the top two corners of the duvet cover. Hold them in either hand while the duvet cover is still inside out.
  3. Now grab the top two corners of the comforter, and flip the duvet cover back to right side out, then slide it down the rest of the comforter.
  4. Be sure to shake the whole blanket out a bit, and fluff it like you would a pillow, so that the comforter settles well within the duvet cover.
  5. Take the bottom two corners of the comforter and stuff them into the duvet cover. Shake and fluff again if necessary.
  6. Close up the duvet cover (button up, zip up, tie up, etc.) and you’re all done.
  7. Enjoy your fluffy clean bed.
You might need to shake it out to get rid of any bunching.

The California Roll Method

  1. Take your duvet cover and turn it inside out. Then lay it down so its covering the top of your bed. The opening of the duvet cover should be facing away from where you’re standing.
  2. Take your comforter (or duvet) and lay it on top of the inside out duvet cover. Make sure all of the edges and corners are lined up. If your duvet cover comes with corner ties, tie all interior corner ties of the duvet cover to the loops on the comforter (or just around the corners if there are no loops).
  3. Now it’s time to start rolling! Starting on the side opposite from the closure, roll up the comforter and the duvet cover together. You may need to adjust the edges while you roll to keep everything lined up correctly.
  4. Once everything is completely rolled up, take the end of the duvet cover where the closure is, and stuff the whole comforter roll inside. You can now close up the duvet cover (zip up, button up, tie up, etc.) and then position the California roll on the bed so that the closure in at the bottom of your mattress, where your feet go.
  5. Now start unrolling the entire blanket. You may need to pull apart the duvet cover from the roll a bit. Once completely unrolled over the bed, feel free to shake out the blanket and fluff it up to make it look nice.
  6. Enjoy your neatly made bed.
The “California Roll”

Hopefully these tips help to save you some time and help to make your bedroom look nice in a jiffy!

Now you can relax.

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