How To Clean And Wash A Pillow

As you may already know, there are many different kinds of pillows, and each has a certain technique for washing them properly. Whether you do it by hand or a washing machine, you need to follow specific steps to clean your pillow in the most efficient manner that won’t result in damaging it.

Regardless of how you wash, though, the end result should be a clean, nice-smelling pillow that’s clear of nasty dirt and dust mites (we know, gross) and — almost — as good as new. Just make sure you wash it once or twice a year. This applies to all types of pillows, including cooling pillows.

Continue reading this article as we’ll discuss various types of pillows and how you can wash them by following some easy steps.

Memory Foam Pillow (Or Poly Foam)

Washing this pillow requires the efforts of your hand. You cannot put these pillows in the washing machine if you do so you’ll end up damaging them. This pillow requires more cleaning than the others on this list as this pillow attracts dust quickly.

The Layla Pillow is made with memory foam

Here are the easy techniques to make sure your pillow stays clean:

  • Start by filling a bathtub with lukewarm water and add a little amount of detergent, which is bleach-free.
  • Push your pillow into the water slowly. Squeeze it around to let the water seep into the pillows dirt for better cleaning. Repeat this twice.
  • Go ahead and get rid of the water and refill it with clean water without any detergent this time.
  • Squeeze the pillow in that water several times. This will allow the water to remove any left out dirt or soup from the pillow.
  • Squeeze the pillow gently to remove the excess water and make sure you do this gently.
  • Leave the pillow under the sunlight or anywhere outside so that it receives natural drying. You can also leave the pillow under a fan in case you don’t have the sunlight option.

Feather Pillows And Down pillows

Feather pillows and down pillows have the same technique when it comes to washing them. They’re usually really premium pillows, which makes it even more essential to clean.

Overview of Casper’s Down Pillow

Below are the steps you must follow:

  • Make sure to take the pillow out of the pillowcase. If the pillow has a cover, make sure to remove that as well. Pillow covers are often machine washable.
  • Be sure your pillow doesn’t have any tear or holes. If there are– first sew them back up. If you can’t, it might be time for a new pillow bud.
  • Don’t put more than two pillows in the washing machine together. This will help keep a good balance when it comes to washing it.
  • Use low-sudsing laundry detergent and pour that into the detergent compartment. This will help in cleaning the dirt and keeping your cushioning soft.
  • If possible, use hot water as this will help in killing any dust mites that are living inside. However, hot water might also damage the feathers; so make sure to check your pillow’s specific wash instructions on the care tag.
  • Remember to use an extra rinse and spin cycle as this will help in getting out any lingering soup from the pillow.
  • Get two towels, put the pillow between the towels, and apply pressure down on it. Make sure not to twist the pillow during this process.
  • Put the pillow into the dryer and use a delicate cycle, which should be either at a low heat setting or no heat setting at all (again, check your pillow’s care tag)
  • Zip the clean cover back on, and clean pillowcases.

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Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows are one of the easiest to wash. However, if not done the right way, it can turn into a complete disaster with a huge cotton stuffing mess. Here are the safest and easiest steps for you to wash your cotton pillow:

  • Always remember to use the appropriate temperature. For cotton, we recommend cold.
  • Wash the pillow individually or with one other pillow. Don’t add any more than two pillows.
  • Use a detergent that is gentle and bleach-free. Add a small amount of fabric softener.
  • Dry the pillows on a low dry setting or tumble dry instead. To keep the pillow extra fluffy, add two tennis balls wrapped in clean socks to the dryer load. It may be noisy — but it’s worth it!

Polyester Pillow

This pillow is soft and squishy that always gives you a good night’s sleep. They tend to come in different shapes and sizes; however, the manner of washing them is always the same. Here are the tips for you to wash polyester pillows:

  • Always use a laundry detergent that is low-sudsing.
  • Make sure to wash them in a cold or warm temperature, never hot.
  • The cycle type should always be gentle.
  • Dry the pillows in low to medium heat.
  • Add tennis balls while drying as a special fluffing treatment.
  • Never iron them.

Throw pillows

These pillows are generally famous to spice up the look of a sofa or even bed. However, this means they always need cleaning from time to time — especially if they’re on the coach where multiple people are using them. There are different types of throw pillows, which means some are put in the washing machine, whereas some need hands only.

A look at some cute decorative throw pillows

Follow these steps to make this more comfortable for you:

  • Determine the type of throw pillow you have by looking at the manufacturer label. In case there isn’t any, try to determine the type of pillow by the fabric.
  • Use a white towel with a proper cleaning solution for the fabric. Hold it up against the pillow for about 30 seconds then see the towel if any color was transferred or not. Dry the towel and repeat to ensure the color is not fading. This is a good technique to determine your pillow’s condition.
  • You can use a sponge to clean the throw pillows. Make sure to use a good quality sponge along with a nice shampoo. Rub the sponge around the pillow in circles and pay attention to any marks on them that need extra pressure for cleaning. Remove the rest of the moisture and shampoo by using clean towels.
  • If your towels need dry cleaning, simply follow the above step as this is the best way to clean and dry your throw pillow properly. In this case, you’ll need to dip the sponge in a dry cleaning solution rather than a shampoo.

Latex Foam Or Proprietary Foam

If you have a pillow made with natural or organic latex foam, and or some proprietary material like Hyper-Elastic Polymer from Purple, you’ll have to spot clean to ensure you don’t damage the material.

Testing out the Hyper-Elastic Polymer in Purple’s pillow

White it’s not always the most effective method of deep cleaning your pillow, it’s the most gentle and always a safe bet.

  • Remove the pillow case, which is typically machine washable
  • Fill a container with warm water, and gentle detergent (think Tide free & gentle)
  • Take a washcloth, and soak it in the container. Wring the towel to twist excess water out.
  • Dab the dirty/stained areas, then the rest of the pillow.
  • Place a dry towel on both sides and press down to remove excess moisture.
  • Leave it out to air dry (away from direct sunlight), or place next to a fan to speed up the process.

Slumber Yard Conclusion

As you can see, washing each pillow is necessary, and each of them has a different technique. If you end up missing out any of these steps or do the opposite of what you were supposed to do, then your pillow might get ruined.

Proper cleaning and washing of pillows are highly necessary so that your pillow stays in good shape and smells good. By not giving your pillows any attention when it comes to cleaning, you’re not following clean hygiene, and this will only be a problem for you. Dusty pillows can result in severe allergic reactions or even constant sneezing.

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