Purple Mattress Topper Explained – What Is Hyper-Elastic Polymer?

Purple Topper Overview

We’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses from a lot of brands, but Purple is among the most unique. And what makes Purple mattresses so unique is the Purple topper comfort layer found in their products, which is a slab of gel-like material they refer to as Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This is unlike anything you’ve seen on a mattress, but the gamble paid off for the brand as they’ve become one of the most recognizable names in the online mattress industry.

In this post, we unravel the details behind their secret sauce, the Hyper-Elastic material found in the Purple topper and their other unique, and comfortable sleep products.

YouTube Video Explanation Of Hyper-Elastic Polymer

A close up look at the Purple topper (aka Hyper-Elastic Polymer)

Apparently, the brothers one day got together and decided that they should create a new type of mattress. Easier send than done. The genius of purple mattresses isn’t just in Hyper-Elastic Polymer, it’s in the manufacturing processes that they had to invent to make a bed-sized slab of the material. Long story short, they created a machine called the Mattress Max that enabled them to produce Hyper-Elastic Polymer in large enough quantities to cover a king size mattress.

What Hyper-Elastic Polymer Feels Like

It feels nothing like foam, that I can tell you for sure. It actually feels like the gel material that you used to see in the straps of Jansport backpacks—mostly because a similar product from the founders of Purple was used in those straps. It’s bouncy, responsive, and soft. It’s actually really neat. You can request samples of Hyper-Elastic Polymer on Purple’s website if you’d like to test it for yourself.

The sample won’t feel exactly like what’s on the Purple mattress pad since it’s on a smaller scale, but it will give you a good idea of what to expect. And only $1.99 for shipping and handling, so you might as well give it a try. We have a few sitting around the office that we like to throw around. It’s kind of addicting to play with, and helps with out ADD.

What’s So Special About Hyper-Elastic Polymer?

Why is the Purple mattress pad so popular? First things first, the material is truly unlike anything you’ve tried before on a mattress. It’s soft and firm, at the same time. We know that doesn’t seem possible, but that’s the best way to put it. You get pressure relief where you need it (mostly hips and shoulders) and also support where you need it (your trunk and low back).

The material also snaps right back to its original form. It conforms exactly when pressure is applied, but then returns to shape when pressure is removed. It cradles your shoulders and hips, but still exerts upward pressure where you need it.

And, because it is so responsive, it makes rotating between your side, back, and stomach effortless at night. It’s not like a memory foam mattress that will sink and make things difficult when you go to switch sleeping positions. It might have the pressure relief of memory foam beds, but it has the responsiveness of latex mattresses.

Can stretch 15x its normal state

One of the most interesting things about the design of the top layer is that it is laid out in a grid format. This reduces the amount of surface area and leaves hundreds of little pockets for air to flow through. Instead of making a mattress that’s cool to the touch, Purple has made beds that simply do not heat up, which is why they’re on our list of the Best Mattresses for Hot & Sweaty Sleepers.

What Products Use Hyper-Elastic Polymer?

So, clearly, you know about their mattresses, but Purple also makes several other products that incorporate their proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Original Purple Pillow

Hyper-Elastic Polymer inside the Purple Pillow

Mostly closely related to the Purple topper on their beds is the Purple Pillow, which is a 10 lb pillow that’s primarily meant for back sleepers. The pillow is mostly made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer and is one of the coolest-sleeping pillows out there.

The Purple Pillow only comes in one size (standard) and has and MSRP of $99. You can find the Purple Pillow on Purple’s website and on Amazon.

Purple Seat Cushion

They also offer the Purple Seat Cushion, which comes in a variety of styles. They have the Ultimate Cushion (most popular), Royal Cushion, Double Cushion, Simply Cushion, Portable Cushion, and Everywhere Cushion.

The prices range from $39 for the Portable Cushion up to $129 for the Ultimate Cushion. You can check out the seat cushions on Purple’s website.

Purple Dog Bed

Medium size dog bed shown (photo courtesy Madison R.)

Purple also now makes dog beds. They have three different sizes ranging from small breeds to giant breeds. The total width of the beds ranges from 19″ to 38″, and pricing depends on the size that you selection.

Prices ranges from $149 up to $269, which seems quite expensive for dog beds, but to each his own. Purple does say that the beds are still temperature-neutral, offer pressure relief and support, and have an extra-tough cover. You can see the dog beds on Purple’s website.

Purple Mattress Topper Verdict

You may like Purple products, you might not. They certainly have their advantages, but they’re not for everyone. From what we’ve seen, about 50% of people love Hyper-Elastic Polymer and the other 50% seem to find it too unique. It just comes down to personal preference. We think it’s pretty neat stuff, but it just might be that you want something more traditional like a spring mattress. Luckily Purple, like many of these mattress in a box companies, offers a 100-night trial period and free returns.

If you’re open to something new and are sick of the current solutions for mattresses, pillows, etc., Purple might be worth looking into. We happen to really appreciate the unique nature of their products, and we aren’t alone. A lot of people like their products, otherwise, Purple wouldn’t be a billion dollar company.

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