Queen Bed Dimensions

A queen-size bed is the most popular choice of all bed sizes. Queen bed dimensions are more generous than full-size beds, but they’re not as large as king-size beds, which are often too big to place in a standard bedroom. Perfectly in the middle, queen-size beds are the ideal compromise for most bedrooms.

What you may not know is that queen-size beds come in three styles. In addition to standard queen beds, there are also Olympic queen and California queen beds. Here’s a breakdown of the queen-size bed dimensions:

Style Length Width Depth
Standard Queen 80 inches 60 inches 9-16 inches
Olympic Queen 80 inches 66 inches 9-16 inches
California Queen 84 inches 60 inches 9-16 inches

Queen Size Beds

 A standard queen-size bed is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. This gives you six additional inches of horizontal space and five inches of legroom compared to a full-size bed. When shopping for bed linens, most will be tailored to fit a standard queen. 

However, you may decide that the roomier queen bed dimensions offered by Olympic queen and California queen beds are a better fit for you.

At 80 inches long and 66 inches wide, Olympic queen beds are the same length as standard queens but are six inches wider. This means they’re a full foot wider than full-size beds. Olympic queens may be best for couples who find that a standard queen doesn’t have enough room but can’t fit a king-size bed in their home.

On the other hand, California queen beds are the same width as a standard queen but provide four more inches of legroom. The total dimensions are 84 inches wide by 60 inches long. Taller individuals whose feet hang off the end of a standard queen will appreciate this additional space.

How Deep Is A Queen Size Mattress?

Like all mattress sizes, queen bed dimensions don’t include a standard depth. Depth can vary anywhere from 9 to 16 inches. Generally speaking, deeper mattresses cost more, but some individuals find them more comfortable. The best mattresses often have different layers of construction, which may make some mattresses thicker than others.

Types Of Queen Size Bed Frames

Queen-size bed frame dimensions are ideal for many bedrooms. Mattress manufacturers recommend that you place a queen bed in a room that is at least ten feet by ten feet in size. 

Queen bed frames come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of the room and the decoration style of your home, you’ll probably gravitate toward certain types of bed frames. Style include:

  • Platform bed frames are typically the most low-profile and are ideal for minimalist decor. They often consist of a simple platform for the mattress to sit on. Some include a headboard, but others do not. Platform frames have the lowest height out of all queen-size bed frame dimensions.
  • Sleigh bed frames have a headboard and a footboard, making the bed resemble a sleigh. These queen bed frames are best suited for larger bedrooms where the bed can be accessed from either side and isn’t pushed up against a wall on one side. The frame’s footboard will prevent anyone from getting on or off the foot of the bed.
  • Four-poster bed frames include four posts on each corner of the bed that usually extend above head height. This style of bed is commonly associated with antiques and looks great in older homes.
  • Canopy bed frames are closely related to four-posters. These bed frames include a top railing from which you can hang curtains or a canopy. If you keep a late schedule and enjoy sleeping in, you might benefit from a canopy bed frame with curtains to block the light out.

These frames might be harder to find if you have an Olympic or California Queen mattress, but variations should be plenty with standard sizes. 

Dimensions Of A Queen-Size Headboard

Queen-size headboards also come in a variety of heights and widths. Headboards start at the mattress width of 60 inches (or 66 inches in the case of Olympic queens) but can also extend a few inches in each direction, so check the dimensions before making a headboard purchase. 

The biggest variability is in height. Some queen headboards are only as high as the top of the mattress, while others can extend three feet or more above the mattress. 


Queen bed dimensions make this size of bed the most versatile for all types of rooms. You can easily place a queen-size bed in a master bedroom, a guest room or even a teenager’s room as long as the room dimensions are big enough. There’s so much variety in queen bed sizes, including variations like Olympic queens and California queens. You can find a tailored queen mattress size that is perfect for your needs, whether you’re a tall individual or a couple that simply wants more space to share with the dog.

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