What Is A Trundle Bed? (Explained)

What Is A Trundle Bed?

Did you ever use a trundle bed at a sleepover when you were a kid? Sometimes bunk beds take up too much room and pose the risk of your child falling out of bed from a greater height. A good solution to this issue is a trundle bed. A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that you store under the bed frame of the main bed. You can hide the extra mattress underneath the bed frame during the day, but then pull it out when it’s in use. This method maximizes floor and wall space. Some trundles stay low to the ground, and others can pop up to be equal in height with the matching bed. Trundle beds are mainly used by children and great for fun sleepovers, for visiting family and friends, or two children who share a room.

Children love trundle beds

Keep in mind that if you’re thinking about purchasing a trundle bed, expect to pay a little bit of a higher price than you would for a twin or full sized bed, because you’re buying a bed frame that has two places to sleep instead of one. Obviously, you’ll also need another mattress to fill this space, but since it will mostly hide under the normal bed frame, you’ll have limitations on how thick that mattress can be. We recommend around 8-10” thick, and a mattress that can be used without a boxspring. The main mattress used on top shouldn’t have as much limitation, so it can be any type, such as all-foam, hybrid, or latex, and as thick as you’d like.

Different Types Of Trundle Beds

Day beds [shop on Amazon] are bed frames that have three sides, so that they look similar to a couch or lounging area. These beds typically look nicer when placed along long walls, and tend to look very elegant. We have even seen some day bed models being used as couches in living rooms; just add pillows and bedding when you’re ready to sleep. Day beds can easily become trundle beds when there is space underneath the bed frame for another mattress to hide. Typically, you see day beds in a twin size, but it is not entirely uncommon to find them in a full or queen size, as well.

Example of a day bed with a trundle bed underneath.

Sleigh beds [shop on Amazon] have a headboard and footboard that slightly curl out so that your bed somewhat resembles a sleigh. Since sleigh beds are usually taller bed frames, you can usually easily turn one into a trundle bed, but there are also models that are already equipped with a trundle.

An example of a sleigh bed with a trundle.

Captain beds [shop on Amazon] utilize space by providing ample storage capabilities in the form of drawers or shelving space in the headboard. These types of beds are great for studio apartments or small rooms. Like the other beds, these beds are typically available in twin, full, and sometimes queen sizes.

An example of a Captain’s trundle bed.

Bunk beds [shop for Amazon] that incorporate a trundle can sleep the most people, especially if you find a full size option. The one we linked from Amazon features a twin size top bunk, full size bottom bunk, and then a twin size trundle bed. This bed is perfect for the ultimate sleepover for your kids, or a New York City studio apartment that you share with three other roommates. Make sure that you have a ladder or some other method of getting to the top bunk, though.

Example of a trundle bunk bed.

As you can see, trundle beds are very valuable pieces of furniture for anyone looking to maximize space, or those with children. Because this is such a large and substantial piece of furniture, remember to ask for information about delivery and set up from whoever you are purchasing from.

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